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Akira is a great tool for ANY blogger, whether you’re in the development stages or are looking to step things up. Food Blogger Pro will help you avoid timely, and potentially costly, mistakes by providing tips that have already been tested. I wish FBP had been around when I started my site; it would have made things SO much easier!

William Housten Customer, Chef

Akira has been such a great tool for me as I’ve started to treat my blog as a business. The courses are great to go back to time and again. Ask me anythings help me think about what should be top of mind, and the podcast is one of my favorites!

Johny Sampson Customer, Chef

Starting a food blog can feel pretty daunting. More often than not, it’s probably something you’re trying to do on your own without much prior experience. Signing up to FBP was one of the single best things I could have done, as it removed a lot of the worries I had and provided me with a supportive community and a wealth of invaluable information. When I think about the journey I’ve been on, I simply can’t imagine getting to where I am now without this membership – thank you!

Harry Smith Customer, Doctor